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Barrel Aged Sumatra

Heavy Seas Barrel Aged Sumatra – Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

Barrel Aged Sumatra


Roast profile

Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company in collaboration with, Heavy Seas Beer

Uncharted Waters Barrel Aged Coffees
A Limited Edition Collaboration Series

In this special edition of Heavy Seas Sumatra the un-roasted coffee beans are aged in the same bourbon barrels used to age Blackbeard’s Breakfast, Heavy Seas’ imperial coffee porter. After the aging process the beans are medium roasted to produce a full bodied cup with bittersweet chocolate notes, hints of earthy spice and a deep smoky finish. The aging process allows the essence and flavor of the bourbon to mingle pleasantly with the coffee.

  • 10oz. Bag
  • Available in Whole Bean or Ground Format
  • May contain trace amounts (<0.5%) of Alcohol.

Learn More about Blackbeard’s Breakfast Imperial Coffee Porter: Uncharted Waters: Blackbeard’s Breakfast

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