Burlap For A Cause!!!


Got Burlap?
We are offering our coffee burlap bags for FREE with any coffee purchase or with a donation of 1$ which we will give to Paul’s Place in Southwest Baltimore.  You can also buy the coffee AND donate to Paul’s Place.


Here’s why we support Paul’s Place
6 in 10 children in Southwest Baltimore live in poverty, 1 in 4 adults of working age are not in the workforce, and the median income is $20,000. Paul’s Place creates hope for individuals and families who struggle daily with the challenges of poverty, homelessness, limited job opportunities, inadequate education, addiction, crime, and violence. A catalyst and leader for change, Paul’s Place offers a combination of over 20 programs and services unmatched by any other provider in Southwest Baltimore to help individuals and families find immediate relief and long-term solutions for self-sufficiency. Learn more at: www.paulsplaceoutreach.org.

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