CBRC Corporate Social Responsibility

Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company Corporate Social Responsibility

Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company Corporate Social Responsibility

Who are we?
Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company (CBRC) is a certified organic coffee roaster established in Crofton Maryland in 2002.

Our Mission:
To create, sustainably roast and distribute the region’s finest specialty grade, fair trade, organic coffees and to contribute back to environmental causes and community events that directly impact the health of our regional treasure, the Chesapeake Bay.

Our Motto:
Taste the difference. Making a difference.

Here’s a few Chesapeake Bay Facts:

  • The Chesapeake Bay Watershed is 64,000 square miles and extends throughout 6 states – Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New York.
  • Approximately 51 billion gallons of fresh water flows into the Bay every day from its tributaries with 80% of that fresh water coming from the Chesapeake’s 3 largest rivers – the Potomac, Susquehanna, and James rivers.
  • The Chesapeake Bay watershed is home to almost 18 million people, and about 150,000 people move into the watershed each year.
  • The Chesapeake Bay’s Land to Water ratio is 14:1, the largest of any coastal body of water in the world – which is why our actions on land have the biggest impact on the Bay’s health.

Those facts are a few of the reasons why we decided to make the direct connection between our specialty coffees and the health of our watershed. Public awareness of the Chesapeake Bay’s importance increases each day, and today’s generation is taking major steps in the restoration of this ecosystem. We couldn’t take a name like Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company without being part of the plan and efforts.


Our Giveback:
The CBRC Mission is not only about putting forth our efforts to be a business success, but to also be conscious about the impact that we have on our local environment and to give back what we can to preserve its presence for the future.  Over the years CBRC has contributed coffee, time and funding to various local watershed clean-up groups, community composting organizations, local schools and both national and worldwide non-profit organizations that can help in the education and improvement of water quality.

H2O Initiative:
Originally created as a community outreach program to encourage the restoration and preservation of the Chesapeake Bay, the H2O Initiative now strives to bring forth the importance of water on a larger scale Water is the single most precious substance on the planet and the basis of all life and we make a direct connection to the importance of water by using our coffees as a means to give back. Through the sale of designated CBRC retail coffees, the H2O Initiative contributes 2% back to organizations that are making a measurable impact towards the health of the Chesapeake Bay, its watershed and water quality as a whole.

CBRC has partnered with the Anne Arundel County Master Gardeners’ composting program since 2015. CBRC gathers over 125 pounds of coffee chaff and grinds each week and makes that available for individuals to use for their gardens, and for delivery to the Quiet Waters park in Annapolis.


Oyster Recovery Partnership:
CBRC chose to team up with the Oyster Recovery Partnership (ORP) in 2015 with the shared goal of restoring oysters to the Chesapeake Bay. In 2017, through a give back program with designated CBRC retail cans as well as various ORP and CBRC sponsored events, CBRC was able to donate a total of $3,144 in addition to sponsorship of events with coffee and volunteers.


Local Events & Organizations:
Over the years, CBRC has donated time and coffee services to various environmental groups, local charities and community organizations. These contributions come from product sales, event participation as well as gift basket and auction donations.


Non-Profit Contributions:
Using our limited edition Roastmaster’s Reserve coffees, CBRC has been able to contribute to organizations that are making a difference in both our local communities as well as communities within the growing regions where are coffees are sourced. In 2017 CBRC donated a total of $1,205 to the Baltimore based outreach program, Paul’s Place. Paul’s Place is a catalyst and leader in change in Southwest Baltimore City neighborhoods and CBRC was proud to serve coffee during events and support the outreach with funds from the sales of cans.


Organic and Fairly Traded Coffees:
Approximately 65% of the coffees sold by CBRC are classified as Fair Trade and Organic (FTO).  Each of these nomenclatures requires us to pay premiums for the beans we purchase, premiums which help support the Fair Trade and Organic cooperatives in coffee producing countries.  In 2017, these premiums amounted to $0.50 per pound of Fair Trade and Organic designated coffee that we purchased.  By paying these premiums our coffee purchases support Fair Trade initiatives in approximately $89,000 in additional fees, paid so that CBRC could provide sustainably sourced beans. Even as a wholesale manufacturing company we believe strongly that the purchase of organic and fairly traded products is not only a worthy business goal, but socially sound and in line with our concern for the environment.

2017 CBRC Sustainability Event & Action Donation Summary:

In 2017, the Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company contributed $15,244 in staff time, products and money to support our mission and local community organizations.

  • Anacostia River Cleanup
  • Anne Arundel County Watershed Stewards Academy Conference
  • Oyster Roast & Sock Burning
  • Quiet Waters Park Earth Day Expo
  • Anne Arundel County Volunteer Center Save the Bay Day at Lake Waterford Park
  • Green Festival Expo
  • Carbon Credit energy offset at Green Festival Expo
  • ORP Mermaid’s Kiss
  • Loose Cannon 5k
  • Time Out ORP & Little Treasury Jewelers Event
  • Project Open Doors
  • Jug Bay 5K
  • Eastern Shore Land Conservancy’s 18th Annual Planning conference
  • Paul’s Place Huff & Puff 5K
  • 2017 Patuxent River Conference
  • Chesapeake Bay Foundation Annual Meeting
  • Quarterly Composting Delivery
  • Anne Arundel County Food Bank


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