Two Leaves & a Bud Hot Teas


CBRC is proud to offer a retail selection of Two Leaves & a Bud teas!

Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company has been supplying Two Leaves & a Bud teas to numerous cafes, restaurants, hotels and campuses through our wholesale distribution, and now we’re bringing them directly to you! By popular demand, we are now offering a selection of retail teas to complement our coffees. Just in time for cold weather, these teas will warm you up with their aromatics and delicious flavors.

Two Leaves and a Bud is an independent tea company based in the small mountain town of Basalt, Colorado (population 3,000), and is known internationally for producing high quality, organic and fairly traded tea. Named for the top two leaves and bud of the tea plant (Camellia sinensis) plucked by hand to make the world’s best tea, Two Leaves and a Bud has built a grassroots following by “taking tea personally” — connecting tea lovers to the tea they love and introducing new tea drinkers to great tea. They use a signature, pyramid-shaped sachet that allows plenty of room for whole leaves to unfurl and infuse your cup of tea completely.

Shop Two Leaves & a Bud Teas Here: CBRC & Two Leaves Tea!

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