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Coffee. Community. Clean Water.

"Our Commitment is to create great coffees that support Clean Water initiatives and our local Community."

- Rick Erber Founder & Director of Sales


The Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company (CBRC) was established in January of 2002 with the vision of creating high quality coffees while also contributing to environmental preservation and community events. We are passionate about 3 things: roasting great tasting coffee, supporting the environment and having fun while we do it.


To create, roast and distribute the region's finest specialty grade, fair trade, organic coffees that contribute back to improving the health of the Chesapeake Bay.


To promote the importance of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed through the sale of our specialty coffees and to encourage local efforts to clean, educate, advocate and enjoy the resource of the Chesapeake Bay.


We roast coffee we're proud of. We start off by selecting only the highest quality, specialty-grade coffees from the top growing regions around the globe. Our Roastmaster has taken his years of knowledge and respect for perfection and translated it into our selection of signature blends and single-origin coffees. Careful roasting evokes the charm of each coffee and cultivates its flavor nuances. 

We roast daily and constantly monitor and fine-tune to create a flawless profile every time. Time and temperature are critical and it can come down to seconds; too dark, the character can be lost and too light it will be underdeveloped muting the coffee's potential. Being part craftsman and part artist, our roasting team is passionate about coffee to the point absurdity, always experimenting and tinkering.


CBRC is made up of a small team of people, dedicated to our craft, with some of us having over 26 years in the specialty coffee industry. We have a continuing desire and enthusiasm to educate ourselves, and we can't help but "geek out" over anything coffee.

Paul / Roast Master

Supporting Small Business! / Crooked Crab Brewing

Paul & Makana / Cupping Coffee

Lauren / Customer Service

The Guys of CBRC / CoffeeFest Baltimore 2018

Donell, Jose & Spencer / The Production Team

Josh, Lauren, Spencer & Makana / Mermaid's Kiss 2018

Looking to add CBRC to your dining service?

We’re an approved vendor with several contract foodservice management companies. Contact us today to find out more about who we work with and how our coffees can be added to your dining service program.

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