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Bird Friendly® Honduras

Certified Bird Friendly® Coffee

Bird Friendly® Honduras


Roast profile

Bird Friendly® Honduras

In 2017 we decided to take our mission of environmental stewardship one step further and became Bird Friendly® Certified. The Bird Friendly® certification was developed by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center. Using Smithsonian conservation science, the Bird Friendly gold standard does more than other eco-friendly seals to protect habitat. Bird Friendly coffees come from farms using a combination of foliage cover, tree height and biodiversity to provide quality habitat for birds and other wildlife. Instead of clearing rainforests to grow coffee in the sun, Bird Friendly farms grow coffee underneath the shade trees that provide habitat for birds, including migratory species, whose impressive journeys can take them from the backyards of the U.S. and Canada all the way to coffee farms in Latin America.

As part of our certification we pay additional fees, "premiums", for these coffees. The premiums are paid to producer groups and help to strengthen the financial security of coffee workers and farms. They also help with farm sustainability projects & community development.

Learn More: About Bird Friendly® Coffee 

 Bird Friendly® Honduras


CBRC Bird Friendly® Honduras is the second in this expanding line of specialty coffees.

Location: Central America
Country: Honduras
Region: La Paz, Marcala
Farm: Cafe Organico Marcala S.A. (COMSA) A society of coffee producers founded in 2001.
Roast Profile: Light-Medium
Roastmaster’s Description: Smooth medium body and soft acidity. Notes of dark chocolate with hints of cherry & honey.
Featured Bird: Dendroica cerulea • Cerulean Warbler
A small, neotropical songbird that breeds in the eastern United States, migrates through Central America, including Honduras, and winters in South America. Cerulean Warblers have experienced long-term population decline due to habitat loss in these areas.

Our GM Kevin visited the COMSA facility back in 2019. Check out his story here: A coffee journey to Honduras.



  • 13oz. Can*
  • 2.2lb Bulk Bag*
  • Available in Whole Bean or Ground


Please Note:

  • We are unable to custom grind CBRC Retail Cans; they are pre-ground for standard drip grind and sealed for freshness. 
  • CBRC 2.2lb bags and 12oz. bags can be custom ground for alternative brew methods or espresso. Please make your grinding requests in the “Order Comments” section of our check out page, and our team will reach out if they have any questions.


*Due to supply chain issues, we are currently experiencing some packaging setbacks:

  • CBRC Retail Cans are temporarily unavailable for online ordering.
  • Our custom Biotre bags have run out. In the interim, 2.2lb bags of coffee will be packaged in our previous, matte black bags with the tin-tie.

Learn More: Packaging Setbacks

Thank you for your understanding.


giving back is the difference.

Bird Friendly® certification was developed by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center and is the only 100% organic & shade-grown coffee certification available. Their seal ensures that tropical agroforests are being preserved and migratory birds have a healthy environment when they travel from our backyards to far away coffee farms.  CBRC pays a premium for this coffee in support of Bird Friendly® growing practices and habitat preservation.
Learn More: Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center

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