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July 02, 2019

CBRC Don Pepano Estate Café de Nicaragua

CBRC Don Pepano Estate Café de Nicaragua

We are proud to release our second Farm Direct coffee purchase, Don Pepano Estate, Café de Nicaragua.

Don Pepano Estate Nicaragua

This is the second and final Farm Direct Nicaragua from Don Pepano Café that we purchased. It was grown by fourth generation coffee farmers at the “La Concepción” farm, located on the slopes of the Casitas Volcano. The farm boasts 490 acres of land that has been in the Terán family since the 18th century, with 50% of it being preserved as untouched forest.

La Concepcion Farm

Farm Direct Nicaragua Estate Coffees & H2O Initiative Giveback
In 1973, the Terán family of La Concepción Farm installed galvanized pipes and a faucet so that water from the farm’s quota could be provided to their employees located in the community of Los Ranchos. The community has since grown from three to 17 families and they are still utilizing the same pipes, which are now outdated and deteriorating. CBRC is proud to announce that we are partnering with Don Pepano Café and the Terán family on a very special water sustainability project. As part of our H2O Initiative, CBRC will be paying an additional premium per pound on the coffees that we purchase and these monies will be allocated to purchasing and installing a new water delivery system to the community of Los Ranchos.

Through our partnership, new pipes, a holding tank for reserved water, and a water filter were provided to help bring a more reliable water source to the community. CBRC’s contributions covered 300 of the 700 meters of pipes needed and half of the cost of the holding tank and its filtration system. Additionally, the premiums paid will also help offset the current low C market price which will allow Don Pepano to provide better wages to those coffee families.

H2O Initiative Nicaragua Water Project

H2O Initiative Nicaragua Water Project

On Friday May 10th, Ariel and Marco Terán personally delivered the shipment of coffee to the CBRC Roasting Facility, making this a truly farm-to-roaster coffee partnership!

CBRC and Don Pepano Cafe

In memory of Ariel "Pepano" Terán (1933-2019) who was responsible for the installation of the original water supply system in 1973. We are glad to know his family and are proud to help carry on his legacy of giving back to the community.

Ariel "Pepano" Terán

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Don Pepano Cafe

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