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August 01, 2019

CBRC Home Cold Brew 101


What is Cold Brew?

Cold Brew is the style of brewing where you use a steeping method over a longer period of time without heat. It's as easy as mixing coffee grounds with cold or room temperature water and leaving it to steep from 4-48 hours!

Is Cold Brew the same as Iced Coffee??

The short answer is no. Iced coffee is utilizing heat to extract the coffee to be poured over ice. This ends up giving you a lighter bodied coffee and can be mildly inconsistent. With cold brew, there is more consistency between each cup and because the final product is a concentrate, you can adjust to the  strength you want. 

What makes it so special?

Because of the lack of heat used in the making of cold brew, your product has a lower acid content than hot brewed coffee - nearly 60% less! This is a great alternative to those that suffer from acid reflux or heartburn. Plus, the end product is a lot smoother and can be diluted to whichever strength you prefer!

How do I make it?

All that you need to make cold brew right in the comfort of your own home is coffee grounds, water, a container and some kind of filter to separate the grounds from your concentrate. There are many different filtration methods you may use: a cheesecloth could be bought at your local grocery store, a French press that can be washed and used again or the various cold brew products out there. The baseline? Use 1 oz of coffee to 1 cup of water. Place them together in a container (mason jars for example) and place in the fridge. I usually let my cold brew sit overnight so all I have to do is strain it then enjoy my cold brew in the morning. And another tip? Make sure your coffee is ground coarse. This allows the water to fully extract all that deliciousness without being overly bitter in the end. 

Here are some brew methods to check out:

What coffee do I use?

Choose what you like! While a coffee that is Medium to Dark roasted will result in a richer coffee taste, light roasts are also good if you're looking for more a fruity and sweet taste. Our favorites to cold brew are:


Besides the tried and true cream and sugar added to your cold brew in the morning, here are some more options to try at home.

CBRC Home Cold Brew 101: Cold Brew Spritzer

Cold Brew Spritzer: For something refreshing during a hot summer day

  • Served over ice
  • ⅓ of the glass with Cold Brew Concentrate
  • ⅔ of the glass with club soda/ ginger beer/seltzer
  • Large orange or lemon peel - the longer the peel steeps, the more fruity the drink will be


CBRC Home Cold Brew 101: Spiced Cold Brew Latte

Spiced Cold Brew Latte: For a sweet & creamy treat

  • 2 oz cold brew concentrate
  • 2 oz milk of choice
  • 2 oz sweetened condensed milk
  • ⅛ tsp of clove, ginger, nutmeg and cardamom
  • Combine all into a shaker or mason jar with ice
  • Shake for a few seconds and strain into a glass
  • Garnish with cinnamon


Aromatic Cold Brew: Herbs go really well with cold brew

  • Steep an herb of choice (rosemary, sage, thyme) with a small jar of milk for minimum and hour
  • When you’re ready to make the drink, fill a glass with ice and ⅓ full of the herb milk
  • Fill the rest with cold brew concentrate and garnish if desired
  • Feel free to play around with the ratio of herb milk to coffee


Want to try your hand at the cold milk foam from Starbucks?

  • Add ⅛ cup of milk to a blender
  • Add a small amount of your preferred sweetener (sugar, honey, agave)
  • Blend until foamed
  • Fill your glass with ice
  • Add ⅔ of glass cold brew concentrate
  • Add ⅓ of glass water
  • Pour your cold milk foam over top and enjoy!


Written By:

Makana Alcain

CBRC Customer Advocate & Coffee Coach

CBRC Home Cold Brew 101: Makana Alcain

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