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Colombia Crecert

A CBRC Featured Single Origin

Colombia Crecert


Roast profile

Colombia Crecert

CBRC Colombia Crecert is the second Colombia coffee we have procured from Osito Coffee. It is a single-origin coffee produced by Crecert, a group of young farmers centered around the La Plata, Huila area of Colombia. The group consists of 46 producers spread out among the municipalities of La Plata, La Argentina, Nataga and Paicol. These producers are growing "biologically" farmed coffees, which means they are either fully organic, or in transition to becoming organic, though none are currently USDA certified. At the helm of this project is Yaqueline Hernandez Alban, pictured below, who manages a family farm called Los Pinos. 

Colombia Crecert

About the Bean:

Origin: Colombia, South America

Location: La Plata, Huila

Producer: Crecert

Farm: Multiple 

Altitude: 1600-1800 masl

Variety: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia

Process: Washed

CBRC Team Descriptions & Notes: Light Roasted. Presents a smooth, medium bodied cup with light acidity and notes of chocolate and sweet fruit, like cherry.

Colombia Crecert

Photo Credit: Osito Coffee


The Details:

  • 12oz. Bag
  • 2.2lb Bulk Bag
  • Available in whole bean or ground

Currently On Sale!

Please Note: CBRC Ground Coffee is ground on a standard drip coffee setting. CBRC 2.5lb bags, 2.2lb bags and 12oz. bags can be custom ground for alternative brew methods or espresso. Please make your grinding requests in the “Order Comments” section of our check out page, and our team will reach out if they have any questions.



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