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Today and since 2002, Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company serves a broad spectrum of clients throughout the mid-Atlantic region with foodservice coffee solutions for colleges and universities; businesses; private and independent schools; specialty venues and healthcare facilities.

Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company is the leading "local" supplier of specialty coffee products and services in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed region. We are passionate about sourcing the very best coffees, including Fair Trade and Organic, and provide the training and support to successfully offer your clients a great experience. We also support our giveback story and vision of a healthier Chesapeake Bay through participation in coffee samplings and customer events. To find out more fill out the below form…

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Our customers really love us...

I love Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company! I love it and totally support their mission; in not only providing delicious, quality coffee, but supporting the Chesapeake Bay and making an effort to educate people! Their facility is beautiful. If you get a chance to attend an open house or an event there, you definitely do not want to miss it.

Mary Catherine  •  Coffee & Cocktails with MC

Great citizen business!! wonderful coffee and doing their part to make the world a healthy planet!

Elaine P.  •  Customer

The founders were in the roastery today and they were so nice!  Not only did we refill our 3 cans of lighthouse light roast, we left with three samples (very generous samples) of coffees we were asking questions about!  I strongly encourage you to stop in and support a local company that supports the local community and environment.

Elizabeth D.  •  Customer

Quality coffee with a heart.  I have been drinking CRBC coffee for more than a decade.  The coffee is amazing, but the company and the employees are the real stars.  This is a company that truly cares about the impact they have on the world and lives of those around them.  This can been seen in their numerous fundraising events and in the beans that they choose.  This is a company that is dedicated not only to the perfect cup of coffee, but to ensuring that they leave a positive footprint on the world around them. I am not able to purchase CBRC coffee at my local grocery store, but thankfully their online ordering is quick and easy.  I highly recommend this coffee and company to everyone.

Tracy B.  •  Customer

Bought a tin of your coffee from a little shop during our stay at Massanutten Resort. We were VERY impressed and loved it so much. I was happy to locate it down here in Virginia Beach at Whole Foods and was so excited. I went two weeks ago to get some more but it was no where to be found. Can't find it anywhere else nearby, so it looks like I'll be ordering online from now on! I'm completely hooked on the EcoReef! You just can't beat drinking sustainable, locally roasted, organic, fair trade coffee! Love it!

Katie M.  •  Customer

Exceptionally good coffee! (I've tried the "Organic Guatemala" so far, purchased at the National Zoo). Even beyond that, the mission to make the world a better place by connecting the location it is grown to the region it is consumed via the migration pattern of birds and the protection of their habitat is novel and meaningful.

Scott D.  •  Customer

I've been drinking CBRC coffee for years and every cup is perfection! Their Eco-Reef is my go-to coffee, and I look forward to their holiday roast every year as well. I gave their holiday gift pack to some friends who absolutely loved it. I also love how committed they are to sustainability and helping the environment. Makes me very happy to be supporting a small business with such a great presence in the local community!

Barbara K.  •  Customer

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