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Hellbender Blend

CBRC Hellbender Coffee Blend

Hellbender Blend


Roast profile

Hellbender Blend

Hellbender Blend is a blend of coffees from Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia and Honduras. It is light-medium roasted and produces a light bodied cup with sweet, fruit-like notes and a mild finish. 

CBRC Hellbender Blend was named for the Hellbender salamander. Growing up to over two feet in length, Hellbenders are North America’s largest salamander. They also "breathe" by absorbing oxygen from the water through their skin. Because of this, they survive where there is cold, clear, swift-running water. Polluted runoff, silt build up and other human impacts have dimished the types of waterways in which the Hellbender thrives. As a result, hellbender numbers have been decimated in western Maryland and Pennsylvania streams where they were plentiful as recently as 1990. Learn more about the Hellbender by visiting our blog: Hellbender Coffee Blend

As strong supporters of clean, healthy waterways, Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company has teamed up with The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore & is donating a percentage of sales from this special Hellbender Coffee Blend to assist in the research & support of the Hellbender Salamander & other native species of the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed. 

 MD Zoo in Baltimore Jeffrey F. Bill

Photo by Jeff Bill


  • 12oz. Bag
  • Available in Whole Bean or Ground

Please Note:

  • CBRC 2.2lb bags and 12oz. bags can be custom ground for alternative brew methods or espresso. Please make your grinding requests in the “Order Comments” section of our check out page, and our team will reach out if they have any questions.


giving back is the difference.

CBRC is proudly donating a percentage of sales from this special Hellbender Coffee Blend to the Maryland Zoon in Baltimore to assist in the research and support of this and other native species. 

Visit the MD Zoo in Baltimore's website to Learn More about the Eastern Hellbender

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