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June 20, 2019

Master Gardener Composting Demonstrations

Master Gardener Composting Demonstration

Join Anne Arundel County Master Gardeners as they lead the Master Gardener Composting Demonstration at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis Maryland. Learn about the different options for composting at home, and leave with a free compost bin! CBRC is proud to donate Coffee Chaff & Spent Coffee Grounds! We make our deliveries on the Wednesday of each month, so plan to come see & say hi to the CBRC crew and learn how you can compost in your own backyard. 

Master Gardeners maintain the Composting and Native Gardens site at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis. Visitors are welcome to walk through the site even when Master Gardener Composting Demonstrations are not going on. At the compost site, there are literature boxes with the Master Gardener Composting Demonstration schedules and pamphlets describing the compost site and information about each of the 15 compost bins on display.

Master Gardener Composting Demonstration:

Saturday the 6th, 10am – 10:30am
Wednesday the 17th, 11am – 11:30am

Saturday the 3rd, 10am – 10:30am
Wednesday the 21st, 11am – 11:30am

Saturday the 7th, 10am – 10:30am
Wednesday the 18th, 11am – 11:30am

Saturday the 5th, 10am – 10:30am
Wednesday the 23rd, 11am – 11:30am

Saturday the 2nd, 10am – 10:30am

Located at: Quiet Waters Park – Annapolis, MD 

Note: Park admission $6.00 or with Anne Arundel County Parks season pass. Demonstrations are canceled in the event of heavy rain or excessive heat warning.

All the Information Here: Anne Arundel County Master Gardeners

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