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Organic Ethiopia

A CBRC Featured Single Origin

Organic Ethiopia


Roast profile

Organic Ethiopia

Organic Ethiopia is a USDA Certified Organic, natural processed coffee from Africa. Natural processed coffee refers to the method of drying ripe coffee cherries for weeks, or months, before hulling the pulp, mucilage & parchment. This process is known for producing coffees with pronounced body and fruity characteristics. This coffee comes from the Shanta Golba Primary Cooperative, which was formed in 1976 and now has 1,267 small scale farmers. 

About the Bean:

Origin: Ethiopia, Africa

Region: Bansa District, Sidama Region

Producer: Shanta Golba Primary Cooperative

Altitude: 8,500 masl 

Variety: Local Heirloom

Processing: Natural 

Roast Profile: Light

CBRC Team Descriptions & Notes: Full bodied with sweet aroma, winey notes & earthy finish. Blueberry & graham cracker. Dried cherry. 

The Details:

  • 12oz Bag
  • 2.2lb Bulk Bag
  • Available in Whole Bean or Ground

Organic Ethiopia

Please Note:

  • CBRC 2.2lb bags and 12oz. bags can be custom ground for alternative brew methods or espresso. Please make your grinding requests in the “Order Comments” section of our check out page, and our team will reach out if they have any questions.



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