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Organic Oyster Reef

CBRC Signature Organic Medium Roast

Organic Oyster Reef


Roast profile

Organic Oyster Reef

CBRC Organic Oyster Reef is a blend of USDA Certified Organic coffees from Sumatra, Honduras and Colombia. It is medium roasted and produces a medium bodied cup with mild acidity and a smooth finish. It features tasting notes of chocolate, candied pecans and citrus.


Oyster Reef History & Progression

Oyster Reef was the first blend we developed and officially marked the start of our campaign to contribute back to the Chesapeake Bay. A few years later we developed Eco-Reef, the organic version of this popular blend. Now, in following our sustainability goal to source fair trade and organic coffees when possible, we have come full circle and are proud to relaunch Oyster Reef as a certified organic and fair-trade coffee blend. 

Organic Oyster Reef will replace its conventional predecessor, as well as Eco-Reef, and become our Signature Medium Roast.

As always, Organic Oyster Reef supports oyster restoration and through our giveback program we will continue to donate a portion of its sales to Oyster Recovery Partnership to support their restoration efforts.


Local, Inside & Out

All of our coffees are roasted in Crofton Maryland and we believe in supporting other local businesses whenever possible. We are proud to locally source the following from Maryland Businesses: 



  • Our 2.2lb Resealable Bulk Bag is made of Biotre, an earth-friendly packaging. This bag can be home composted after the zipper and valve are removed. The label is also made from 25% recycled coffee bags and 75% post-consumer waste.
  • Our 13oz. Retail Can is 100% steel and infinitely recyclable.

Please Note:

  • We are unable to custom grind CBRC Retail Cans; they are pre-ground for standard drip grind and sealed for freshness. 
  • CBRC 2.2lb bags can be custom ground for alternative brew methods or espresso. Please make your grinding requests in the “Order Comments” section of our check out page, and our team will reach out if they have any questions.


Organic Oyster Reef will be replacing conventional Oyster Reef to become our Signature Organic Medium Roast. Shop our previous "Reef" cans before they are officially retired:


giving back is the difference.

Coffee • Community • Clean Water

  • Sustainably Sourced Fair Trade & Organic Coffees
  • Partnering with Local Businesses
  • Supporting the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

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