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Give Back Report

Coffee. Community. Clean Water.

This is our mission and the pillars that we use in determining not only how we will make decisions on our business actions for growth, but how we will view our purchasing, packaging, training, community identity, hiring practices… Everything.

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We believe that Specialty Coffee should achieve quality levels that make for great blends and single origin cups, all while supporting workers in the supply chain with livable wages and being produced in ways that support our planet.


Photo Courtesy of Tierra Bendita


Coffee is a global crop with massive supply networks, and we believe our community goes way beyond the Chesapeake Bay. We aim to be involved in our supply chains, engage with producers and importers, and bring ethically sourced coffees to the local community all while bringing light to environmental & social justice issues and the connections between them, both locally and abroad.



Photo Courtesy of Might Peace Coffee

Clean Water

Put simply… without clean water, life cannot exist and thrive. The world depends on clean water. When it comes to coffee, no cup can be good if the water used is not clean. This means that we question all our processes and how we can improve to become a better steward of this planet’s resources.



Photo Courtesy of Gold Mountain Coffee Growers

H2O Initiative

We developed the H2O initiative with the goal of ensuring that a minimum of 2% of our total annual sales are used in the support of clean water, watershed preservation and environmental health. A few years ago, we added our green bean purchasing that supports Certified Organic and Bird Friendly® coffees to the H2O commitments as well. We believe these growing practices affect water quality in their coffee producing communities.


2020 Coffee Premiums and Ethical Purchases

In 2020 our total allocation of financial resources spent on sustainability commitments was 3.96% of our total revenue, of which over $64,000 was spent on Fair Trade, Certified Organic and Bird Friendly premiums for green beans that we purchased. From this, our H2O water quality efforts amounted to 2.51% of our total income in 2020.

Our goal is to reach 1% in total sales revenue by the end of 2022 for our give backs that are not related directly to sustainably sourced green bean purchases and reach 5% overall when these are included.


Photo Courtesy of Don Pepano Cafe




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